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How to get girls for Dummies: Step By Step Instructions

Stone Age:

1. See woman

2. Grab woman

3. Clobber her over the head with club

4. Have sex with her

- the end -

This Age:

1. repeat above steps 1 - 4

2. Get arrested

hahah ok joke heh.

Alright, I don't have any step by step instructions for guys. So I was kinda hoping guys can contribute and enlighten me and maybe other poor clueless guys out there. The PT mentioned to me that he actually has some sort of steps he follows when chasing someone (and refuse to tell me when I bugged him) that guaranteeds him a higher chance of getting the gal.

-edited for singles-unfriendly :P-

Tell me guys, do you also have some secret weapon to win the hearts of girls too?

edit: OK, I can see everyone's secretive about their methods -____________-" scare someone else use the same way to get the gal you want? don't worry I understand :P


i don think there is really any proper instructions...
i guess what i use is sincerity and romance...
maybe a big wet puppy eyes and a tail tat wag will help?


barca says

I agree that sincerity is the key. First impressions r impt but if u fake it, u will be found out later anyways. It does help if u're good looking... ahahahahahah but I'm not ;p
Heh, no one specific approach lah. Depends a lot on the personality of the gal you're pursuing aye. Of coz ya gotta be charming, flirt with her (amount to be fine-tuned depending on the gal) ... and most importantly, make her feel you're genuinely interested in her, that she's the centre of your attention. Also, a combination of cockiness/confidence (without coming across as overly arrogant) and being funny/witty works too methinks. Think "alpha male" with a sense of humour lah.

Being gentlemanly and nice are fine, but it lacks that extra kick some women are after I suspect. Heh, I've learnt that there's a time to talk nice to women and a time to talk "dirty" (I don't mean vulgar hor) ... and it's true even with seemingly demure women. On the inside, most women I've known are as hot-blooded as men, but it takes time for them to warm up, to feel really sexaaaay about themselves. And when they do ... WOAH, DOWN GAL DOWN!!! Hahaha! ;)
hahaha I know about the "Down Gal Down!" part... Just that I notice some guys are totally clueless about chasing the girl of their dreams, I always thought its something most guys learn naturally :P
huh? gals need to chase one meh?
i tot just diggle a sweet/ice cream infront they will come automatically.... lol.

here jean... ice cream... ha ha
Heh, it's true about the "down gal, doooooown!" part right? Hahaha! And no hor, most guys are quite clueless about chasing gals initially coz, well, women are from another planter (venus or otherwise!). LOL! Nah, most of us learn from experience lah ... kinda like Adam Ferrara learning to live with his gf under one roof? ;)

I think males are so brainwashed today by the media (and, ironically, by women too) that they think that modern women only go for sensitive, gentlemanly and nice guys. It's true to some extent of coz, but seriously how many women will publicly admit that they also like their guys a lil' naughty (in bed or otherwise) or a lil' MCP sometimes right? Of coz they'll highlight the more "positive" traits. But there's a more primal side to attraction between men and women lah, so yeah it's important for us guys to continue to hone our male instincts and be hot-blooded. It's ok to be sensitive and all that jazz, but women still want men to behave like men at the end of the day methinks. Besides, our rough edges give women a reason to nag scold, "tsk!" and "mother" us guys ... which I suspect women secretly like even if they won't admit it. Hahaha! *siams*
don siam, i totally agree with you.
ever heard of "guys not bad, gals don like."? lol.

but sadly... bad gals like bad guys,
good gals like bad guys...
so where do that leave good guys like us? LOL...
Heh, good guys can also be naughty occasionally mah. Being naughty doesn't equal to being bad lah ... just not "goody goody" all the time. ;)

If a guy's too nice, instead of winning the woman's heart, she might think he's a push-over and treat him like a door mat instead. Sad, but I've seen this happen many times with friends. Going all out to woo a gal is fine, but a guy's gotta know when to back off a lil' too coz I suspect women dislike clingy men as much as men dislike clingy women. Interestingly, when a guy plays it cool sometimes, it sets the gal wondering if he really likes her ... heheh, makes her gian! :) This might be more effective actually than a guy just chiong-ing all the way. Heh, the courtship dance is a complex one huh? LOL!
Haha, I'm still figuring it out!